Artist Biography

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Sarah Cook is a performance and visual artist with a Masters in International and Community Development. Her Master's thesis examines the importance of Cultural Safety and she is available to consult in this area. You can read here thesis here.


Sarah is based in Mparntwe/Alice Springs on Arrernte country in Central Australia where she has been a community arts practitioner for over 25 years. She is well known for her leading-edge social circus program with her company Circosis and for her vibrant chalk art and illustrations. She has a passion for social justice and has applied her artistic vision and creative talent to work alongside communities in remote areas of India, Madagascar, Costa Rica and Indigenous communities in Central Australia and Arnhem land.


2020 has marked a return to her visual arts practise where she has completed an Artist Residency at Ooraminna Homestead and the Alice Springs Desert Park in the Northern Territory and been the successful recipient of the NT Government Territory Arts Grants and Alice Springs Town Council Creative Projects Grant. 

Following this, Sarah has been well sought after in community development projects for her contextual understanding and her visual communication skills. 

Currently, she works as a graphic recorder, digital artist and children's book illustrator.