Picture Book Illustrations

Marisa Kelly, N.T. Department of Education

Sarah’s work is amazing, bringing a rich, deep connection and understanding, a tangible respect and a deep listening ear. She has the skill to reflect back to children, families and community members their ideas, their stories and their lives in ways that powerfully represent the essence of who they are and what is important to them.


Accomplished in drawing and painting in traditional mediums, Sarah now specialises in digital illustration, using Procreate. She collaborates with local First Nations women to forefront Indigenous knowledges and representation. She is currently working with Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group on the ‘Girls Can Boys Can’  gender equality project for primary prevention of gendered violence. This co–designed project uses Sarah’s illustrations for learning resources in early-childhood education, including a children’s picture book to be released December 2021.

Sarah has worked with other talented artists on this project including Helen Gillen, Glorianna Moketarinja, Shirleen Campbell, Sadie Richards and Sarah Rubuntja. 

View Sarah's Illustrator portfolio with the Australian Society of Authors.

Girls Can Boys Can Picture Book
Girls Can Boys Can Picture Book_edited.jpg