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 Graphic Recording

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Sarah captured the meeting perfectly. She listened intently and helped draw out the main issues to promote shared knowledge. 

Jimmy Cocking, former CEO

Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC)

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You know how audiences often struggle to retain the information presented at conferences, workshops and events?

Well, Graphic Recording solves this problem by keeping audiences engaged as they see the key messages in words and illustrations appear LIVE in front of them.


Did you know that Graphic Recording increases engagement and memory retention? Studies indicate that people remember more effectively when information is combined with visuals.


Proudly based in Mparntwe/Alice Springs, Sarah works with a nuanced understanding that forefronts Indigenous stories, voices and culture, recognising and respecting the diverse knowledges that already exist in the NT.

Graphic Recording is an essential tool to make people feel heard and reflect back their stories and messages in a meaningful way.


So, let's make your event engaging, accessible and impactful!

Graphic Recording
Drawn LIVE at your event in analogue or digital

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Sarah is a Professional Member of Graphic Recorders Australia the peak body for the graphic recording industry in Australia.


Sarah provides Graphic Recording live at an event on paper (analogue), or from a tablet that is projected (digital).


She also can develop graphic recording content for pre or post-events to aid presentations or to develop further resources. This content can be used in publications, posters, reports, slideshow presentations, videos and social media. 

Drawing on her community development experience, Master of International and Community Development, Bachelor of Performing Arts and visual arts practice, Sarah is an active listener, innovative designer, and a confident visual communicator. She blends creativity and consultancy to help capture your message in a memorable format. 

What fires together wires together!

Analogue versus Digital 

Analogue Graphic Recording
Recorded in real-time on paper LIVE at your event

If you want BIG engagement with interactive visuals that instantly engage your audience, then analogue is for you.

Analogue Graphic Recording is all about impactful visuals on the day, where audiences will love seeing ideas come to life in front of their eyes. 

Your analogue gallery can be positioned in a highly visual spot at the front or another key engagement position to become a focal point during breaks.

It's great eye candy for social media engagement, with photo opportunities galore, plus serves as a key summary of the event at the end of the day.

Best of all, you get to keep the recordings on paper as well as digital photos of the display.

 Digital Graphic Recording
Drawn in real-time on a tablet and projected LIVE at your event

If you want to extend the value of your recordings beyond the day of the event, 
Digital Graphic Recording is for you.

Audiences love seeing illustrations of key messages come to life as the artwork is projected in real-time at your event. 

Digital allows for multi-screen use, so the illustrations can be featured front and centre, on secondary screens,  or during breaks and wrap-up/networking sessions on other screens.
Going Digital also has the advantage of delivering a time-lapse video of the recording as well as digital artwork that can be used post-event. 

These highly engaging visuals can be used on your website, socials, print, etc., and of course, to send to the attendees as a reminder of the key messages of the event.

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Your frequently asked questions answered by one of my favourite Graphic Recording  companies based in Canada: THE FUSELIGHT

For further information or to receive a Services & Pricing Guide CLICK HERE

Are you getting prepared to get the most value out of your Graphic Recorder? (THAT'S ME!!). Here are some great tips from Graphic Recorders Australia


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